About us

Our Mission

Viking Century is a company whose mission is to reconnect its customers with old values and beliefs through authentic, handmade Nordic jewelry and accessories. We create unique jewelry specific to Viking culture. If you treasure this culture and resonate with Viking ideals such as bravery, strength, and honor, then our jewelry collection is ideal for you.

Our slogan 'Be Strong, Be Real' represents the idea of having the courage to be assumed, to show yourself to the world as you are, and to express your principles without hesitation.

Each piece of jewelry is forged from a special symbol or shape that reflects the energy found in ancient times and carries a meaning in which you can find yourself, whether it be a ring, a necklace, or a bracelet.

Why Viking Century?

Our goal is to improve the Viking style in the 21st century while remained loyal to the culture's roots and reconnecting with them. Therefore, we offer a wide range of authentic Viking jewelry.
Be the Vikings of the present century!